Monday, August 27, 2012

Coda Sedans Recalled For Faulty Airbag Installation

Published August 27, 2012

By Jeff Cobb

California start-up Coda Automotive is issuing a recall of 78 of its limited-production electric cars due to improperly installed side curtain airbags.

The recall has been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the main concern is the airbags might not deploy, thus risking safety during an accident.

The voluntary recall for its 2012 model year vehicles begins with the VIN of 53G1U4A48CB000026 (number 26) and extends to certain units up to 53G1U4A48CB000260 (number 260).

"Certain 2012 model year CODA vehicles may have this condition. There are no known injuries related to this recent discovery," said Coda in a statement. "CODA Automotive holds itself to the highest safety standards and continually strives to offer the most reliable product for its consumers."

We are unsure how many of the entire fleet 78 vehicles comprises, as Coda does not divulge monthly sales numbers for these cars. When we asked, we were told the same, and that Coda is still ramping up production.

Coda says owners may contact dealers or the manufacturer direct at 855-464-2632 to arrange for an airbag inspection and fix if needed.


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