Monday, September 17, 2012

Mercedes-Benz To Showcase Electric B-Class in Paris

Published September 17, 2012

By Jeff Cobb

Mercedes-Benz will be revealing an all-electric city car at the motor show in Paris later this month, developed with help from Tesla, and due to go on sale in early 2014.

Initially limited markets in Europe will receive the electrified version of the second-generation B-class as part of a campaign of M-B zero-emission models to be launched from Paris.

The front-wheel-drive B-Class EV uses a brushless motor generating 134 bhp, 228 pound-feet torque, and located under the hood where the four cylinder petrol engine usually would be.

The lithium-ion battery of as-of yet unspecified capacity is expected to provide up to 120 miles range. The battery cells are hidden down low in what the automaker calls the Energy Space under the floor ahead of the rear axle.

Plans are to debut the electric B-Class alongside the production versions of the Smart Brabus Electric Drive and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive.

The electric B-Class is to be lease-only similar to the lease arrangement of the Smart Electric Drive.



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