Monday, October 22, 2012

Fisker Shows 3M Paint Protection And Wraps at SEMA

Published October 22, 2012

By Jeff Cobb

Fisker_3M October Sun

"Gloss Burnt Orange and Brushed Black Metallic “October Sun” commemorates the fall season."

The SEMA show in Las Vegas from Oct. 22-Nov. 2 is a focal point for specialty equipment marketers to roll out their bling, hot rods, customized versions of familiar vehicles, etc., and this year Fisker along with 3M could not resist the allure.

Rather than follow the lead of one of its more prominent Karma drivers, Justin Bieber, who gave a full chrome treatment to his Fisker, the California-based automaker is highlighting aesthetic and paint protection mods that are lower down on the scale of potential paparazzi magnets.

The SEMA stripe and custom paint kits however don’t boast much more than putting makeup on an already pretty face, and no under-hood updates are being described by Fisker.

Of course engineers could bump up the extended-range EV’s over 950 pound-feet of torque, or gussy up the interior further, but the car is already a production concept car to begin with, so apparently more involved mods were not deemed necessary this year. Instead what Fisker is showing is 3M’s “Diamond Protection Film” that comes with a 5-year warranty if installed by a 3M-authorized tech at a Fisker retail location.

The film is otherwise just paint insurance, so to call more attention to the effort, the cars also feature 3M Commercial Graphics and their Scotchprint® Wrap Film Series 1080 in four wrap schemes for a Karma that will be on display at the 3M display (North Hall Booth 12227).

“SEMA attendees will have the opportunity to watch as this Karma gets “painted” in a new scheme every 24 hours,” says Fisker.

So the hook in this case for the SEMA crowd stuffing itself full of eye candy will be the Karma’s quick color change.

“This Karma will also have 3M’s Crystalline Automotive Film applied to its windows,” adds Fisker. “Crystalline Automotive Film is a clear, multilayer optical film that cuts interior temperatures, thus reducing energy use by lowering the amount of power needed to cool the passenger compartment.”

Fisker also noted it is specifying Mobil 1 0W30 Advanced Fuel Economy Synthetic Motor Oil for the two-liter gasoline engine that powers the Karma EVer’s range-extending generator.

“Because most driving can be done using just the Karma’s lithium-ion battery, the engine may go long periods between running,” said Fisker. “Mobil 1’s resistance to aging ensures the oil will last longer and provide excellent overall lubrication and wear protection over time.”


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