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All we want for Christmas is the Costco Ultimate Garage Package

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The Ultimate Hot Rodder's Garage Package from is a dream come true for any Hot Rodder. You get the Motofloor® Garage Tiles for your garage to give it that professional look, and a two ton breakdown engine crane with jack stands and a jack, but you get la pies de resistance... a Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle to park in your professional garage. brings you the all handcrafted aluminum Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle. Kirkham roadsters begin life in a former Polish MiG fighter factory where craftsmen have generations of experience fabricating high performance aircraft. Kirkham has taken the same craftsmanship and technology to build the finest roadster on the planet. All you need to do is add an engine and transmission (not included) and your chariot of fire will come to life. Buckle up, put it in first, and hang on for the ride of a lifetime--forget about keeping up with the Jones'...PASS THEM!

To purchase please contact at 425-427-7145

The Ultimate Hot Rodder's Garage Package Includes:

NewAge 6pc Garage Cabinet System

Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle (engine and transmission not included)

456 square feet of Black and White Motofloor® Garage Tiles, your choice of color, 40 female edges and 2 Completer Packs. This is enough flooring to cover a standard 2 car garage.

One BigHorn 36 ECB Safe

One FlowWall Ladder Hook & Bin Bracket Set/Hook Starter Set

One Racor Extreme Rack/Ladder Lift/Heavy Duty Rack/Golf Storage Hanger/Garage PRO

One Trinity 41" Stainless Steel Toolbox

1 two ton capacity breakdown engine crane

2 six ton capacity ratcheting jack stands

1 three and a half ton capacity professional low lift height jack that can lift to a height of 21 3/8"

Click Here for more information on the Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle

This NewAge Products 6-piece heavy-duty professional series cabinetry set is an excellent solution for the small workshop or garage. This cabinetry system features either a stylish gray and black powder-coated finish or a taupe and charcoal grey powder-coated finish that is designed to handle the toughest of garage conditions. The superior strength and durability of the professional series cabinetry set provides an excellent solution for finishing your garage. Cabinets come fully welded, requiring little to no installation.


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Available in 2 color options

Gray doors/drawers with black cabinets

Taupe doors/drawers with gray cabinets

Heavy-duty 18-gauge steel

Heavy-duty powder-coat finish stain and scratch resistant

Stylish chrome accents

24" Deep counter top space

Steel pegboard side panels inside cabinet doors for hanging storage of tools, electrical cords, etc.

Powerful magnetic door latch to securely shut doors

Inner steel walls for added strength and durability

Total 6-pc set: 7.5 ft wide

Warranty: 10 years against manufacturer's defects

Motofloor® Garage Tiles is a durable, multi-purpose floor system designed to give you a clean professional work environment that can withstand tough mechanical environments. It's oil, grease, petroleum, antifreeze and chemical resistant. Great for garages, shops, retail displays or anywhere tough flooring is needed. Easy to set up and clean.


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Patented multi-purpose floor system designed to give you a clean professional garage

Made from high impact copolymer

Built to handle extreme rolling loads

Engineered to withstand tough mechanical environments

Resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, antifreeze and most household chemicals

The Bighorn Classic 36ECB will give you unparalleled peace of mind and security against fire and theft. This safe features thick heavy bodied construction, outstanding 45 minute/1200 degree fire protection, fine styling and interior, and the industry's best warranty and customer service.

Meets or exceeds the CADOJ acceptable gun safe standards

Security Features:

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UL Listed electronic lock

5.75" thick door

Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed

Massive 1.5" diameter locking door bolts

3 layer armored hard plate to protect the lock

12 total locking door bolts, 3 way active

4 sided door bolt protection

Heavy bodied construction – 790 LBS

The Racor Ladder Lift is the perfect way to store any ladder overhead and free up extra garage space. The Ladder Lift uses a rope and pulley system along with a fixed hook that is mounted to your ceiling. You can easily lift a 150lb ladder up to 12 feet. Just place the top of the ladder onto the fixed hook, attach the strap to the bottom of the ladder, and pull the rope. When you're ready to use the ladder, unlock the rope and lower it. The pulleys and the fixed hook do most of the work, making an 80lb ladder feel like it's only 10lbs: an 8:1 mechanical advantage. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release.

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Store and organize your sports equipment with a minimum amount of space with the Racor ProStor eXtreme Sports Rack. Its unique design with four levels of storage allows you to stuff or toss any bat, ball or shoe for easy clean up. Made of heavy-duty steel tubing and nylon nets for extra durability.

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The Racor, multi-purpose wall storage rack offers a handy solution for storing long items. Each of this rack's 3 tiers can hold up to 150 lb. providing 450lbs of total weight capacity storage for skis, snowboards, wakeboards, ladders, lumber, patio umbrellas, and more.

Easily stores a variety of items:

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Long-handled tools

The Racor GaragePro nine-piece kit provides superior strength, the ultimate in flexibility, and a variety of storage options for use in limited space. Plus, it expands as your storage needs grow. It starts with two 24-inch rails that can be hung separately or combined to create 48 inches or four feet of storage. These rails hold up to a combined weight of 1000 pounds for your heaviest items.

The GaragePro has adjustable hooks and a shelf that can be easily placed on the rails and later moved wherever you need them. The shelf also acts as a handy place to store tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers. Order yours today, and reclaim your garage!

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Between rounds of golf you want to put your golf bags and shoes in a place where they will be safe and out of harm's way. The Racor Golf Storage Hanger creates a safe and secure location to store two golf bags and two pairs of shoes on the wall–getting them off the floor to free up extra garage space and keep them critter free. Constructed of steel with a durable epoxy finish, the Golf Storage Hanger is designed for stability, corrosion resistance, and for rust-free storage. Then, when you're ready to hit the greens, the Golf Storage Hanger has all your golf equipment is in one place!

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No assembly required; installs into one stud. Order yours today, and reclaim your garage!

TRINITY's heavy-duty professional-grade stainless steel rolling tool chest is built to provide all your shop and garage needs. Its high-end design and functionality not only make this tool chest a great value, but its large size ensures room for all large and small tools. In addition to this, the four wheel design provides heavy-duty tool storage that is still versatile enough to allow for easy mobility.

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41" wide tool chest

2,200 lbs. weight capacity

Split top chest for smaller parts and full length bottom drawers for large tools

3 – split top 2.5" deep drawers

2 – split top 5.5" deep drawers

1 – split top 8.75" deep drawer

1 – 2.5" deep drawer

3 – 5.5" deep drawers

1 – 8.75" deep drawer

Custom delivery of your Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle is included in the quoted price and delivered by Rich's Classic Transport. For all your custom transport needs, contact Rich's Classic Transport at:

Sales Tax collected on this item does not qualify purchaser for any local, state or federal exemptions on applicable excise taxes or fees when licensing this Kirkham Motorspots 427 KMS/SC componet vehicle once completed. Please check with your local, state or federal agencies to verify if additional taxes and fees will be charged to license your completed Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle.

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