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Limited-edition Mitsubishi 311RS Evo X coming to Minneapolis Auto Show [w/video]

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Track Developed, Street Prepared, Limited Production. The 311RS is here.

It's been more than 3 years in the making, but it's here. The 311RS. Everything we learned while developing the Gates311 Evo X for the past 3 seasons comes together to produce the 311RS. Track precision, meet street functionality. Limited to only 11 units, the fully warrantied 311RS is here.

Out of the box, the Evo X is a very capable car. But it is capable of so much more. The process of developing an Evo X from factory stock into the World's Fastest Evo X takes time, effort, and plenty of support from so many great people. Throughout that process, my partners and I have learned an incredible amount about the Evo X platform. We've learned how much power and abuse a stock 4B11T can handle. We figured out the optimum wheel and tire package, the highest RPM the OEM transmission is capable of functioning at, how much chassis-flex is tolerable, and nearly everything in between. With all of that knowledge, the 311RS was created. A combination of everything we've learned, developed, and tested, I present to you the 311RS. The ideal Evo X.


AMS Intake

The exclusive design of the AMS Performance Intake dramatically increases air flow to the turbocharger for increased horsepower while eliminating clutter in the engine bay.

AMS Intercooler piping

A lightweight polished aluminum intercooler pipe system professionally TIG welded in-house at AMS. The 2.5" mandrel bent tubing provides less turbulent and restrictive air flow for maximum efficiency.

AMS Intercooler

Flawless design and 80% more internal flow area over stock, the AMS intercooler has helped Evolution drivers win more races than any other aftermarket Mitsubishi intercooler on the market. Drive hard with confidence. This is the very same intercooler used on the championship-winning Gates 311 EVO X and AMS Time Attack EVO X.

AMS Widemouth downpipe

It took months of development and testing to produce the bestperforming cast downpipe for the Evolution X. Designed using CAD and constructed 100% from grade T304 stainless steel, the AMS Widemouth Downpipe not only improves horsepower gains, it offers a fit and finish unrivaled in the industry.

AMS Cat pipe

The AMS EVO X Stainless Steel High Flow Cat provides an excellent way to increase horsepower all while keeping you legal. Like all other AMS exhaust products this High Flow Cat is tig welded with 100% 304 stainless components including the flanges. Designed to bolt up to our stainless steel 3" downpipe and catback exhaust system only.

AMS Exhaust

AMS' Racing Series Cat-Back Exhaust system was chosen for it's no-nonsense, all business design. Combined with the Titanium muffler, it was designed to make the most power and shed significant weight from the 311RS.

AMS Tune

The 311RS is tuned for maximum enjoyment under any given condition. Whether at the track, on a run up the canyon, or out for a night with the old lady, AMS has the 311RS dialed in.


JRZ Suspension RS1

The newest product from JRZ; a combination of championship winning technology and years of R&D to create the perfect street and track suspension. Valving is designed to be adjusted from street comfort to racing damping characteristics in seconds. The package was developed with customized spring rates and adjustment range for the 311RS, giving the owner the ultimate dual use package.

JRZ Suspension Top Mounts

Made from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum with motorsport grade teflon coated bearings. Designed to transmit suspension loads directly to the chassis giving unparalleled response and driver feel.

Evasive Alignment

With track records in spades, Evasive has proven they know how to properly set up a car. Their involvement in the 311RS provides us with a well rounded setup that keeps the 311RS' street car intentions in mind without losing sights of it's track-bred pedigree.


Girodisc Two-Piece rotors

The primary purpose of the Girodisc system is to reduce unsprung and overall vehicle weight. The secondary purpose is to increase the ventilation and cooling capacity of the brake disc while retaining it's original dimensions. This is accomplished by using two-piece disc construction. The central "hat" section of the disc is made from 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum. The disc is made from cast iron, to the same specification and material as used by professional racing organizations.

Girodisc 311RS pads

This race developed pad has all the qualities of a world beating high performance street pad. Its consistent friction at any temperature, low or high, gives very predictable braking and great pedal modulation. This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal feel while still providing great life for both rotor and pad. This brake pad has moderate dust levels, is generally very quiet and is THE brake pad for a driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance.

Girodisc Stainless lines

Besides looking cool, stainless braided brake lines provide some major performance benefits. First and foremost is removing compliance in the system to improve pedal feel and improve the ability to modulate effectively. As the system heats up during heavy use, the rubber hoses swell even more than when simply driving around town. These are one of those rare parts that don't cost much but offer an immediate and noticeable improvement in performance. DOT/FMVSS 106 compliant.

Girodisc Ti Heat shields

The problem of brake fluid boiling is simply traced to heat transferring from the rotors and pads directly into the fluid through the caliper pistons. Titanium as a material, has low thermal conductivity. This means that it is very bad at transferring heat, which is good if you are trying to keep your fluid cool. The Girodisc solution to help prevent fluid boiling is to use a thin titanium shim placed between the pad back and the pistons, to keep the braking heat from transferring into the pistons and fluid.

Wheels / Tires

Volk CE28 wheels

Size 18x10.5 +18. Manufactured in house using proprietary aerospace aluminum, RAYS wheels are produced utilizing their patented Mold Forging technology which allows for a wheel that has an unmatched blend of lightness, strength, and camber stiffness.

Nitto NT05 tires

The NT05™ is a max performance tire that was developed through extensive computer simulation modeling and on-track testing. These rigorous development procedures helped produce a street tire that provides precise and responsive handling and performance. Knowing the tire is responding to your inputs will inspire your confidence.


JDP front lip

JDP's front lip was chosen for it's clean appearance and daily functionality. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it proves to be functional as well, providing aerodynamic enhancement to the 311RS.

VOLTEX Rear Wing

A simple added touch to the OEM rear wing. Voltex's rear wing lip provides aero balance to the rear of the 311RS, and it's carbon fiber construction matches that of JDP's front lip.

Jon Sibal 311RS livery

Our aim was to design a timeless livery that would define the 311RS with a single look. Simple yet effective, Jon's livery does just that.


etnies e-suede

Designed to be 3 times more durable than traditional suede, E-Suede was chosen for it's ability to stand up to abuse, just like everything else that makes up the 311RS.

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