Monday, March 19, 2012

CODA Delivers Its First Cars

Published March 19, 2012

By Jeff Cobb

On Friday CODA enthusiastically announced it had delivered its all-electric mid-sized sedan to its first three California customers.

Two early reservation holders from the Southern California area, and one from up north stepped up to take delivery of their five-passenger batter electric vehicles that are based on Chinese chassis and which receive final assembly in California.

"Watching our dealers deliver the first vehicles to customers is an incredibly fulfilling milestone," said Phil Murtaugh, CODA Holdings CEO. "All three customers share our conviction that advances in technology can help solve the energy challenges that have weighed down our economy and our environment for decades, and we're thrilled to have them help bring us one step closer to fulfilling our founding vision."

CODA says early reservation holders were selected to receive their new sedans based on the vehicle specifications they requested, and the first 500 retail vehicles come with a numbered plaque located on the center console and custom key chain.

The EVs are also eligible for solo driving in the coveted high occupancy vehicle lanes, and CODA noted “The new 2012 CODA is the first all-electric five-passenger, mid-size sedan with full rear seating and trunk space that meets American drivers' daily transportation needs without an ounce of gasoline.”

Relying on thermally managed 31-kwh lithium-ion batteries that receive a 10-year warranty, the cars are rated to 88 miles per charge by the U.S. EPA.

CODA says if you take it easier than the official test cycle, ranges up to 125 miles per charge are feasible. The vehicles have a 6.6-kwh on-board charger like Ford has been saying its Focus EV does, while the Nissan Leaf does not. CODA says recharge times are about six hours using a 240-volt charger.

MSRP is $37,250 for the limited availability car and federal plus California state credits can see this effectively reduced to $27,250.

CODA is offering test drives in Los Angeles, CODA Silicon Valley, the CODA Experience Center at the Century City Westfield Mall, Fladeboe CODA at Irvine Auto Center, and the Marvin K. Brown CODA San Diego. More info can be found at its Web site.


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